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  • Quality Assurance

    With regard to online sales, you do not see the ordered product, except the care for price, ensuring quality remains paramount. CARTRIDGETOP group places great emphasis on quality issues for its products.In addition to the advanced equipment of production and modern process, CARTRIDGETOP also relies on strict management system and a very well-trained staff in order to guarantee the quality and reliability of manufactured products. Ensure standardization of product quality and continuously improve quality standards are the subjects of sustainable development of the company. From research and development to design and manufacture of products, CATRIDGETOP consistently improves the quality control and management processes to meet requirements of performance, specification and appearance of manufactured products.

  • Various Products

    Customer first is CARTRIDGETOP group’s service philosophy. Over the years CARTRIDGETOP developed a lot of consumable materials for world's mainstream print devices, even for very small quantities of certain models, CARTRIDGETOP group can supply them to the users within short term. Thanks to CARTRIDGETOP strong production platforms and advanced technology, and quality assurance system, it can meet the needs of almost all print devices on the market. No matter what type of consumables (toner and ink cartridges), CARTRIDGETOP group can give a satisfactory answer to users

  • Sustainable Development

    In the spirit of respect nature and protect the environment, CARTRIDGETOP also respects the intellectual property, technology and quality of products originally made. A network of recycling has been implemented around the world to ensure the supply of raw materials. Along the ecological line, CARTRIDGETOP group focuses on improving the manufacturing process from beginning to end to reduce any pollution generated. CARTRIDGETOP group also invested considerable R & D funding and human resources, in order to find new raw materials, technologies and create actively sustainable development environment. CARTRIDGETOP group allows all users around the world, to buy with confidence and to use with more confidence!


CARTRIDGETOP (www.cartridgetop.com) is an e-business platform which is headquartered in Hong Kong. It is created by experts in e-business, experienced research and development teams, industrial manufactures, and professional operating staff. All comes from around the world such as China mainland, Hong Kong, Europe and North America. Today, CATRIDGETOP is already present in the U.S.A., Canada and Australia. Our subsidiaries are fully operational and begin to provide quality products that are well appreciated by customers.

Our Advantage

  • Ability to research, development and manufacture of new products
  • Various products of high reliability
  • Advanced management system of e-business
  • Complete and effective after-sales service system
  • Distribution networks in different regions
  • Strong awareness of environmental protection

Our goal

  • Control costs and improve quality
  • Develop the flow channels and a more efficient transportation network
  • Invest to develop regional storage bases
  • Rely on networks to improve the performance of the E-business platform
  • Develop cooperations to create international joint ventures
  • Adhere to innovation to develop resource-efficient products
  • Protect the environment and follow the path of sustainable development
  • Make service to the general public to create a world class brand
Best Price

We are proud and confident to offer you the best products at a competitive price compared to other similar products on the market. Our technologies, our design and manufacturing and reliable logistics system allow CARTRIDGETOP to offer you products with the best price-quality ratio, so that our customers get the best value.

Fast Shipping

Rely on the world's largest express networks in close cooperation, no matter where you are, we will recommend you a local dealer in your side, so you can get your needed cartridges (ink or toner) in 3-5 working days. We can also provide tailor-made for different modes of transport in order to meet your need.

Ultimate Performance

All cartridges produced by CartridgeTop® were designed by a professional technical team, and made with a standardized and reliable process. The standards of strict quality control are applied to verify and validate the final products. Any type of consumables (ink or toner cartridges) are submitted to rigorous testing procedures to ensure the promised and expected by customers performance.